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School will close for the holidays on Friday 21st December and will re-open on Tuesday 8th January. We hope everyone enjoys the holidays and look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Head Teacher's Welcome

Welcome to our new school website. We are a large multicultural Junior School near the centre of Huddersfield.  At Birkby Junior School we work hard to provide a creative, enjoyable and rewarding learning experience for each child in an inclusive, secure and stimulating learning environment.

We are proud of our school community and celebrate the rich and diverse backgrounds of all our pupils. 

The Staff and the Governing Body at Birkby Junior School are committed to working together to give children the academic and life skills they will need to be successful.

We care about our Parents and Carers, we welcome your involvement and we look for your support in ensuring good attendance, good behaviour and hard work from your children. We operate an open-door policy and welcome you into the school anytime you would like to talk.  Hopefully you can find all the information you need on our website but if you can’t please feel free to call into school. We will be happy to help you and answer any further questions you may have.

Thank you

Mrs Susan Davis
Head Teacher

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  • Newsletter
    10 December 2018
    December Newsletter
    Please see attached our December Newsletter. Thank You
  • Club
    5 December 2018
    Lunchtime and After School Clubs
    Dear Parents/Carers, Thank you for supporting our extra-curricular clubs this term. Next week will be the last week for all lunchtime and after school clubs this term. There will be no lunchtime or after school clubs during the last week of term (Monday 17th December 2018). As you know all clubs will start again next term, we will send another letter out in the New Year for your child to choose a club that they would like to attend.
  • Important
    28 November 2018
    Building Work
    Dear Parents/Carers, You may have noticed that fencing and scaffolding has been erected on the Community Centre building. Over the next 12 months the builders will be hard at work refurbishing the building to create: • A community space. • 5 new classrooms. • Several group rooms for school to use During the building work our car park has been reduced in size and some staff are now parking on side streets. There are also a number of building contractors parking too. We know this may cause a few difficulties at drop off and pick up times. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. The end result will be worth it!
  • School_meals
    26 November 2018
    School Meal Update
    Dear Parent/Guardian - School Meals Update You may be aware of the recent news stories around the use of non-stunned/HMC approved meat in Halal meals in Kirklees Schools. We are one of the schools that has chosen to provide HMC approved halal meat meals as part of our school menu, as a percentage of children attending this school follow the Islamic faith. For more information regarding this please read the attached letter
  • Newsletter
    16 November 2018
    October 18 Newsletter
    Please see the attached October Newsletter. Thank You
  • Weather
    16 November 2018
    Emergency Snow Procedures
    Dear Parent/Carer, With winter just around the corner I would like to remind you about how we deal with any severe weather, especially snow, which may affect the school. Each day of any severe weather, as Head Teacher I will make an assessment about whether it is safe and practical to open the school to pupils. This decision will be made early in the morning in enough time to inform you if we are to close. You will be informed by phone/text/SchoolPing app if the school is to close. If you do not hear anything from us, the school will be open. Should you wish to check reports of closure, you can do so by visiting either our school website or the council website www.kirklees.gov.uk/schoolclosures where you will find up-to-date information or follow them at twitter.com/Kirklees schools. Closure information will also be shared with the local radio and TV stations for them to use as they wish in their bulletins. You can also check on weather and gritting updates at www.kirklees.gov.uk/winter or follow them at twitter.com/Kirkleeswinter. Please be assured that I only decide to close our school in exceptional circumstances where the safety of your child/ren is the primary concern. On occasion this may be due to the availability of teaching staff that travel some distance to reach school, rather than purely conditions for pupils getting to school. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Yours faithfully, Mrs S Davis Head Teacher
  • Important
    12 October 2018
    Dear Parents and Carers, As you know, we have some children in school who have a severe food allergy to peanuts, nuts and also kiwi fruit. Any exposure to these items may cause a life-threatening allergic reaction that requires emergency medical treatment. We are asking that you do not send any kiwi fruit, peanut and nut containing products to school with your child. It is important that our school is a Kiwi and Nut free zone so that we can keep these children safe and prevent a life -threatening allergic reaction. Please do not send any Kiwi fruit or snacks into school that contain nuts, this includes sandwich fillings such as Nutella/ Chocolate Spreads and cereal bars that contain nuts. Thank you
  • Important
    3 October 2018
    Urgent - Measles, Chicken Pox and Shingles
    Dear Parents/Carers, Re: Measles, Chicken Pox and Shingles Please may we ask for your cooperation in a vitally important matter? One of our pupils is receiving medical treatment which means their immune system is suppressed. This puts the pupil at serious risk if exposed to measles, chicken pox or shingles. The best way to protect a pupil from measles is for all pupils to be immunised against measles. Please discuss measles immunisation with your GP if your child is not already vaccinated. If you suspect your child has measles you should let the school know immediately. Our pupil is also at risk from chicken pox and would need to be given an injection within three days of contact. Please let us know immediately if you suspect that your child has chicken pox. It is also very important that you let us know if anyone in your household has shingles. Our pupil is also at greater risk from diarreaha and vomiting infections, also may we please remind you not to send your child back into school until they have been free of symptoms for 48 hours. This is for everyone’s benefit, staff included. Your own child is not at any risk whatsoever from this situation. However, the health and wellbeing of our pupil who is immunosuppressed may be at serious risk. We depend on the co-operation of all parents and know we can rely on your help. Yours Sincerely, Mrs S Davis Head Teacher
  • Event
    28 September 2018
    Intergenerational Project
    As part of an Intergenerational Project, Birkby Junior School will be holding events throughout the year to build upon relationships between grandparents and children. These events will take place termly in school and will usually have a creative focus. If you would like more information, please read the attached letter. Thank You
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