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School Councillors


Our School Councillors represent all pupils in school and meet regularly with our Learning Mentor and members of the Senior Management Team. They help Mrs Davis, our Head Teacher, make important decisions about our school. Each class in school is represented on our School Council - this year we have thirteen School Councillors!

It is a new school year and that means new School Councillors! Each class has a representative for School Council, who is voted for in a class election. This term, the School Council are going to be very busy indeed. Listed below are some of the activities and events that they will be organising or taking part in:

School councillors for this year:

Ashab Ahmed - 3B
Dawud Rayhan - 3H
Alyssa Dixon - 3MT
Dawood Anwar - 3S
Ibrahim Shahzad - 3W

Malaika Qadeer - 4C
Ruth Masih - 4F
Kristina Hristova - 4G
Hasan Kashif - 4H
Muhammad Uzair - 4R

Arina Karim - 5A
Hassan Sethi - 5D
Aysha Arshad - 5G
Khadyah Mirza - 5H
Adam Ali - 5KM

Hadia Unees - 6A
Laiba Imran - 6B
Sarah Alvi - 6C
Heba Hussain - 6L
Ammarah Ahmed - 6N

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